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Goal: 300 gifts from the Class of 2021

Join the Class of 2021

This is your chance to give back to VCU as a soon-to-be graduate. You might be asking, “Why should I give?” The answer: It’s important. Think about it. Where would you be now without that scholarship, that standout professor, the state-of-the-art facilities, that game-changing study-abroad trip?

We know how challenging it’s been for you. That’s why we’re not asking for much. But if you and your classmates graduating this year each give $20.21 — or more if you can afford it — to the area of your choice together, you can really make a difference.

You can make a gift to support what matters most to you. Is it student travel? A scholarship fund in your school? An athletics team? The library? You decide.

Make a difference while you’re still a student and give those following in your footsteps the best chance of success.

Why I give

Chloe White

It’s important to give back to VCU so that more students have the opportunities and experiences that we had. Our tuition barely covers the costs that are necessary to run VCU. It is thanks to donors that we have the amazing buildings, events and scholarships. By being a donor, I not only invested in my own future, but also for future VCU students.”

Chloe White
Class of 2021

Cydney James

When I first enrolled at VCU, I didn’t understand the importance of giving back to the university. Now I understand the impact a simple $10 can do for my school. It makes my and other students’ experience here at VCU unforgettable. It allows us to have the best library with many resources, and my favorite is having up-to-date equipment at Cary Street Gym.”

Cydney James
Class of 2021

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Philanthropy on campus

Click each tag to learn about the names and stories behind some of the most prominent buildings on campus and the private gifts that made them possible.

Support your area

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Academic excellence

You have the special opportunity to ensure that future students can create unique academic experiences, just like you did. By making a gift to your school, you say “thanks” for the many life-shaping educational opportunities offered by VCU and ensure that the programs, the professors and the academic experiences you benefited from continue to thrive.

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Student experience

Many student-driven activities require additional funding, and that’s where your gift can make a real difference. With your support, you can help ensure that your favorite programs, teams or clubs continue long after you graduate. Help give future VCU students access to the same resources and experiences that you received.

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VCU Alumni

VCU Alumni is your lifelong connection to the university. Making a gift to VCU’s alumni organization means investing in a rich variety of programs and services that benefit students and alumni, such as mentorship opportunities, professional development and diversity groups and initiatives. While membership dues aren't required to access these programs, VCU Alumni counts on donor support to help make them happen.

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Don’t know where to give? With more than 4,000 gift designations across VCU, this quiz will help you narrow down the best place to give your $20.21! Just keep in mind, it’s only a suggestion.

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I already pay tuition, why should I give more?
As a student, you’ve benefited from the generous contributions made by alumni and other donors. Your participation in the class giving campaign furthers the tradition of giving back to provide incoming and current students the opportunities you enjoyed. As you prepare to take the next step in your life after graduation, you have a vested interest in making a lasting connection with VCU. And what better way to do this than through a collective gift as a class?

How much should I give?
This campaign is about participation, not the amount you give. That’s why we’re asking for you to give $20.21 in honor of your class year. But we’ll gladly accept more!

Where should I give?
You decide! One of the great things about giving to VCU is that you have the opportunity to designate your gift anywhere you want: academic departments, student programs, scholarships and more. The class giving campaign is not a class gift to one designation. It’s focused on making sure each student can give back to the area that they care about most.

Why does my gift matter?
Most people don’t realize that tuition doesn’t cover all of the VCU experience. If you look at the big picture, you’ll find that a lot of what makes VCU great — the stellar academics, the student resources, the top-ranked athletics and service-learning programs — is only possible through the support of our donors. Now is your first chance to join them.