RPI Alumni Council


The Richmond Professional Institute Alumni Council is recognized and chartered by VCU Alumni as an eminent alumni group organization that functions under the umbrella of VCU Alumni. ‌ 

The mission of the RPI Alumni Council is to preserve the rich heritage and history of the Richmond Professional Institute so that future generations will be informed and knowledgeable about the contributions that it made in the creation and development of Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Steering Committee

Chair: Joseph "Joe" Lowenthal (B.F.A.'55/A)
Secretary: Margie Morris (B.S.'66/E)
Catherine Cottrell (B.F.A.'66/A)
Robert "Bob" Copeland (B.S.'66/B)
John William "Bill" Jordan (B.S.'49/H&S)
Diane Sadler Martin (B.F.A.'61/A)
F. Willis McCauley (B.S.'54/B)
Ann McRee (B.F.A.'63/A)
Carole Harrison Seabolt Miles (M.A.E.'71/A)
Patrick Morris (B.S.'66/E)
Carol Negus (B.F.A.'63/A)
Susan Nunemaker (B.S.'65/H&S; M.Ed.'68/E)
Marie Parker (B.S.'64/H&S; M.S.'69/AHP)
Melvin "Mel" Sandlin(B.S.'61/B)
Judith "Judy" Whitehead (Cert.'64/E; B.S.'73/E)
Richard "Dick" Whitehead (B.S.'63/MC)
Aaron Winer (B.S.'59/B)