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Below you will find dozens of presentations from alumni experts and industry insiders sharing their expertise to help you maintain your personal and professional edge as well as some that are just fun to watch. Browse our collection of recorded webinars and catch up on any you might have missed.

Outsiders Are In: Paving the Way as a Black Creative

In honor of Black History Month, a panel of Black VCU alumni share their personal journeys in the creative industry, discuss the challenges they face and strategies to overcome them. They also offer advice for those looking to break into creative fields.

Strategies to Improve Maternal Health

The African American Alumni Council hosts Dr. Jovonni Spinner, MPH, CHES and Founder of Beacon Public Health, for its 2023 Health Webinar to discuss the pivotal role doulas and midwives play in improving health outcomes for women of color.

Under Pressure: Mastering the Interview

Learn how to prepare for and ace your interview in this one-hour webinar where career coach and consultant, Charmaine Curtis (B.S.’05), gives you techniques for a successful interview. 

Student Loans: What You Need to Know About Repayment

In October 2023, borrowers had to resume student loan payments. View this webinar to learn more about your student loans and the options you have for paying them back.

Job Search Hacks: How to Land a Job You Love

National career expert Hallie Crawford shares how to design a fulfilling career that works for you.

The Future Is Now: Racing to Retirement

Retirement planning is important because it can help you avoid running out of money. Though it may seem far off, saving for it as early as possible will ensure that you have enough money to get you through your retirement years. In addition, investing benefits from compounding returns will increase your money more over a longer period of time. Learn about the importance of retirement and what you need to know to help you prepare. 

Finding Your Balance: Budgeting and Savings

Budgeting and saving go hand in hand. Having a workable budget is vital to reaching your financial goals. A budget shows you where to put your money and allow it to work for you. It also allows you to create realistic savings goals. Learn how to find your balance with budgeting and savings.

Learn Now, Play Later: Using Credit Wisely

If used carefully, credit can be a helpful financial tool. It offers convenience and, in many situations, credit offers peace of mind. Because it is easy to get too much credit, debt often grows beyond what we can afford and can become difficult to repay. View this webinar to learn ways you can use credit wisely.

“Memories of a Tuskegee Airmen Nurse and Her Military Sisters”

Author Pia Jordan as she previews her forthcoming novel, “Memories of a Tuskegee Airmen Nurse and Her Military Sisters” (publishing June 2023), which tells the story of the Army Nurse Corps members who served with the Tuskegee Airmen at Tuskegee Army Air Field during World War II. Jordan’s mother, Louise Virginia Lomax Winters (Dipl.’42), a first lieutenant, was one of those nurses and a graduate of the Saint Philip School of Nursing.

Salary Negotiation: Knowing Your Worth

Negotiating your salary can be nerve-racking, but it shows your employer that you are capable, confident and comfortable with what you have to offer. Your employer will value those skills when it comes to increasing your level of responsibility, trusting you with clients and promoting you. Learn tips to navigate the process.

VCU Health Racial Equity Series

Racial Equity is a multi-part virtual series examining VCU’s challenging racial history. Explore how VCU Health’s complex history affects our patients today and help decide how we will use what we learn to improve health care for all, moving forward.

VCU Black Alumni Trailblazers

Four Black leaders who blazed a trail at VCU, as students and alumni, share stories of triumph and struggle through the decades of VCU. Hear how they helped define Black experiences and culture on campus. 

2021 World Vegan Day Webinar

Krissi Vandenberg (B.S.’96/H&S; M.S.’07/H&S), executive director and program developer of Vegan Action, moderates a lively panel discussion on the latest trends in the vegan movement. Panelists provide information about various vegan resources and share their individual journeys that led them to become vegan advocates and support a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

Let’s Talk Enneagram

Enneagram is a popular personality type indicator that uses nine types to understand an individual’s personality and how they relate to others. Jon Singletary, Ph.D. (M.S.W.’99/SW; Ph.D.’03/SW), dean of the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University and long-time Enneagram facilitator, discusses the nine types of the Enneagram and how they are a useful means of understanding yourself and others by appreciating, in a new way, personality dynamics within families, work settings and friendships. Take a free Enneagram test prior to watching the webinar so you can learn more about your number and what it means.

Adulting 101: Navigating the Virtual Job Market

Learn the ins and outs of the virtual job market and get a look at the future of job searches.

Adulting 101: Tax Training for 2021

VACU Financial Success Center at VCU provides advice to help make your taxes easier to understand and things to think about going in to your 2021 taxes.

Getting Retirement Ready

The VACU Financial Success Center at VCU and retired businessman Ron Gartska (M.S.’85/B) talk about preparing for retirement and navigating life in retirement especially during these uncertain times.

Living Your Best Life: Adjusting to a New City

Make the most of your city and find happiness in your new home. Javon Davis (B.S.’14/GPA; Cert.’15/GPA; M.P.A.’16/GPA) and Stephanie Joyner (B.S.'13/H&S), members of the Recent Graduate Council, answer questions in this webinar about making a big move.

Making Money Moves: Personal Finance, Budgeting and Building Credit

Learn ways to control spending, build credit and save money.

Chalk Talk With Coach Mike Rhoades

VCU head men’s basketball coach Mike Rhoades (M.S.’02/B) talks with ESPN Richmond’s Greg Burton (M.Ed.’12/E) about recruiting digitally and other ways the team has adapted during the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19’s Impact on Health Care Preparedness and Policy

Two Wilder School professors discuss COVID-19’s effects on health care policy and the response of health care systems.

Homeschooling Q&A: Finish the School Year Strong

Many parents find themselves working from home with a new side job: teacher. Hear from alumni who have successfully managed this new role and share how you can help your student finish the semester strong.

How the Pandemic Has Affected the U.S. Supply Chain

Three VCU School of Business faculty members answers questions about how the pandemic has disrupted the supply and distribution chain for food and other essentials.

Author-Musician Michael Hearst Q&A

Michael Hearst (B.M.’95/A), a musician and author, answers kids’ questions (sometimes with songs) in this fun Q&A about his book, “Unusual Creatures.”

Q&A With Faculty Expert on Infectious Disease

Leigh Anne Hylton Gravatt, Pharm.D., BCPS (Pharm.D.’03/P), a pharmacist with expertise in infectious diseases, answers questions from the VCU community about COVID-19, social distancing and more.

What Just Happened: Bitcoin

Recent international headlines of crypto crackdowns vs. legalization, domestic ransomware attacks and philosophical conversations around access and equity are changing the way we think about cryptocurrency. Alumni and faculty experts answer questions about bitcoin and more in this panel discussion.

The Psychology of Spending

How do you feel when you think about your financial situation? Nervous? Excited? Sad? The way you feel about your money could be affecting the way you handle it. The VACU Financial Success Center at VCU helps you strategize and change your thinking around budgeting and your finances.

First-time home buying

Have you thought about buying a home but don’t know where to start? The VACU Financial Success Center at VCU provides advice, tips and strategies to prepare you as you start to think about buying your first home.

Ask and Angel Investor

How often do you say to yourself, “If only I could get more funding for my business.” If raising capital is in the future for your business, watch this webinar, where you will learn what angel investors are looking for when making an investment along with detailed information on what not to do when raising capital.

Adulting 101: Tackling Student Loans

Learn from the VACU Financial Success Center at VCU how to tackle the student loan repayment process.


Grad School Tips From Admissions Recruiters

Learn from those directly involved in the graduate school admissions process as they provide tips and tricks on how to navigate the admissions process and deciding if graduate school is right for you.

Everything You Want to Know About Serving on a Board

Serving on a board can be incredibly rewarding, both for the community or corporation, and in building your network. This one hour Q&A with board members demystifues access to local, appointed, corporate and university board opportunities, what to expect and how to get the most of your experience.

Advancing the World Through Sport

Sports, because of their unparalleled popularity, can advance human rights and positively impact social and economic development globally. Hear from VCU Center for Sport Leadership graduates and friends of the program on how they’re changing the world for the better.

Sneaker Madness

Learn from an amazing alumni panel on what’s fueling the sneaker boom and other topics around the sneaker head community. This webinar touches on the direct-to-consumer market with apps like Nike SNKRs, the resell industry and other topics that fuel this passion.

STEMinists: VCU Alumnae in Science

An alumni panel of women researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs discuss what it takes to trailblaze in the sciences, what skills they value most in their professions and what we can do to ensure that the next generation of women follow their lead.

Lift Every Voice: Technology Panel

Black alumni working in technology field share successes as well as lessons learned as they have navigated their careers and how their identity has played a role in their professional journey.

Lift Every Voice: Politics and Public Service Panel

In this Black Alumni Across the Industries Panel Series, alumni working in the politics and public service sectors share successes as well as lessons learned as they have navigated their careers and how their identity has played a role in their professional journey.

Lift Every Voice: Communications, Marketing and Media

Black alumni working in marketing and communications share successes as well as lessons learned as they have navigated their careers and how their identity has played a role in their professional journey.

Lift Every Voice: Health Care, Science and Research

In this Black Alumni Across the Industries Panel Series, alumni working in the health care, science and research industires share successes as well as lessons learned as they have navigated their careers and how their identity has played a role in their professional journey.

The Vaccine: A Live Q&A with Infectious Disease Experts

Infectious-disease expert Leigh Anne Hylton Gravatt, Pharm.D. (Pharm.D.’03/P), answers questions about the COVID-19 vaccines in a Q&A moderated by David A. Holdford, professor in the Department of Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Science in the VCU School of Pharmacy.

Feng Shui for Sleep with the Feng Shui Diva

Feng Shui Diva Robyn Bentley (B.S.’85/MC) presents an introduction to feng shui for your home. Learn more about aligning your body with bedroom elements and the compass points and how it can improve your sleep and your life.

Understanding Open Enrollment at Your Workplace

Richmond Chapter President Joseph Stemmle (B.S.’13/B) with Ameriprise Financial breaks down how to evaluate benefits during your employer’s open enrollment period.

The Right to Vote

Alex Keena, Ph.D., assistant professor in the VCU Department of Political Science, discusses election integrity and advocacy efforts with a panel of alumni involved in the protection of free and fair elections, voter registration and advocacy efforts and issues regarding voting accessibility and security.

Coping With College During COVID-19

Recent graduate Vikhyath Veeramachaneni (B.A.’14/H&S) moderates a virtual discussion among current VCU students on how they have navigated the academic and campus changes during the pandemic.

Making “Cents” of Your Credit

Annette Koroma (B.S.’20/B), a credit risk analyst team member at Dominion Energy, provides an introduction to understanding your credit. 

The Future of Testing During COVID-19

View a recorded Q&A featuring alumni experts working on the front lines in epidemiology, laboratories and health care systems about how testing can inform our approach to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caring for Loved Ones During COVID-19

Alumni experts in gerontology share resources and advice for maintaining support and connection with loved one during the pandemic.

Expert Q&A: Pivoting the USGA During a Crisis

The VCU Center for Sport Leadership’s Greg Burton (M.Ed.12/E) spoke with 2020 U.S. Open Championship Director and VCU alumnus Charlie Howe (M.S.’07/E) who answers questions about getting back to golf and what it was like to have to shift this year’s championship due to COVID-19.

It’s OK to not be OK: Personal Health and Wellness

Thinking about life after college can pose the question of, “What’s next?" Learn tips for staying happy and healthy in your postgrad life.

Now What? The Social and Economical Impact of COVID-19

What long-lasting ethical and sociological impact will the COVID-19 pandemic have on us? Will it change the way people treat others? How will it change the way we view our personal lives and our careers in the long term?