Industry networks

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No matter where you live, industry networks connect VCU community members from all regions and job sectors with degrees ranging from undergraduate to advanced and help alumni and students leverage contacts and resources. The networks also provide you with regional in-person and virtual events around specific industries.

Communications, marketing and media: For alumni currently working or interested in communications, marketing and media, including public relations, advertising, copywriting, writing, editing, journalism, social media and related areas.  

Education: Open to all alumni who are currently working, or interested in working, as K-12 teachers, school counselors, principals, librarians, media specialists, teacher’s aides, professors, higher education administrators and other professions.

Entrepreneurship and innovation: For current and aspiring alumni entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners, consultants and others.

Finance: Includes alumni specializing or interested in various finance disciplines, including banking and financial services, analytics, wealth management, investment management, accounting, financial advising, economics and other areas.  

Fine, design and performing arts: Open to all alumni who are currently working in, or interested in working in, creative roles as photographers, graphic designers, curators, fashion/textile/interior designers, filmmakers, painters, illustrators, actors and other professions. As a member of this network, you will be connected to peer career professionals.

Health care: For alumni working or interested in health care and health-related disciplines including clinical practice, consulting, management, research, health policy, global health, wellness and related areas.

Human resources: For alumni working or interested in human resources management, training and development, recruitment, compensation and payroll, benefits and other areas.

Politics and public service: Open to all alumni working or interested in congressional and other legislative offices, government sectors, think tanks, nonprofit organizations and advocacy organizations with a focus on policy, international affairs, energy, defense and other areas.

Science and research: This network includes alumni working in a wide range of organizations and backgrounds including, but not limited to, engineering, biology, chemistry, physics and other areas.

Technology: For alumni working or interested in IT consulting, hardware and software development and sales, cybersecurity, management and other areas.