Traditions Keeper app

‌The Compass - VCU Traditions Keeper mobile app encourages students to find their Ram spirit by engaging in VCU's history, traditions and campus life. Download the app and register to explore the traditions plus complete traditions by taking pictures, uploading text and checking in. The app will automatically keep track of your tradition level, and you’ll receive timely alerts about traditions to complete. Best of all? The mobile app will serve as an electronic scrapbook of the memories your create at VCU.

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How it works

Use The Compass mobile app to bring our traditions to life. With each tradition, you can capture and share your VCU experiences while making each tradition your own. You can complete tradition levels and earn prizes as you move along.

Tradition levels

Complete traditions and earn rewards by showcasing your passion for VCU!

Level One

  • 10 traditions completed

Level Two 

  • 20 traditions completed

Level Three 

  • 40 traditions completed

Level Four 

  • 60 traditions completed