VCU Alumni Board of Governors

VCU Alumni is led by a volunteer board. Officers serve a two-year term, and at-large governors serve for renewable, three-year terms. View a list of past presidents.

Officers and University Alumni Leadership Council

Headshot of Michael Whitlow Michael D. Whitlow (B.S.’74/MC)
Headshot of Michelle Peace Michelle R. Peace, Ph.D. (Ph.D.’05/M)
Dale C. Kalkofen, Ed.D. (M.A.E.’76/A)
Immediate past president
VCU_ALUMNI_WARREN_Linda Linda M. Warren (B.S.75/B)
Treasurer and Audit and Finance Committee chair

Andrew Hobson (B.S.’12/En)
Outreach and Engagement Committee chair


Headshot of Bronwyn Burnham  Bronwyn Burnham (B.S.’89/P)
President, MCV Alumni Association of VCU
Elizabeth Bass Elizabeth Bass (M.S.W.’03) (ex-officio)
Secretary (assistant vice president for alumni relations)
VCU_ALUMNI_RAO_Michael Michael Rao, Ph.D. (ex-officio)
VCU president
Jay E. Davenport Jay Davenport (ex-officio)
VCU vice president for development and alumni relations


At-large governors

Headshot of Andrews  Steve Andrews, Ph.D. (Ph.D.’87/H&S)
Headshot of Jason Berry Jason Berry (M.P.A.00/GPA)
  Mikell Brown​, Ph.D. (B.F.A.81/A; M.A.91/A; Ph.D.05/A)
Headshot of Kevin Bruny  Kevin Bruny (M.Ed.91/E)
  Kavitha Chunchu, M.D. (B.S.’02/H&S; M.D.’06/M)
Headshot of Ed Cook Ed Cook, Ph.D. (Ph.D.19/H&S)
Headshot of Nicole Damico  Nicole Damico, Ph.D. (B.S.97/N; M.S.N.A.99/HP; Ph.D.14/HP)
  Lynda Gillespie, Ph.D. (Ph.D.’01/E)
Headshot of Harry  Rodney A. Harry (B.S.90/H&S)
Headshot of Andrea Hart 

Andrea Hart, Esq. (B.A.12/H&S)

Headshot of Housden 

Michael W. Housden (B.S.95/B)

  John Kelly (B.S.’87/H&S)

Headshot of Kolb  Kenneth W. Kolb, Pharm. D. (Pharm.D.’82/P)
Headshot of Lucchessi 

Beth Lucchesi (M.B.A.15/B)

Headshot of Aaron Moody Aaron Moody (B.S.04/En)
Headshot of Rebecca Perdue  Rebecca Perdue (B.S.92/HP)

Headshot of Robinson  DaNika Robinson, Ed.D. (B.A.11/H&S; M.P.A.15/GPA; Ed.D.18/E)
Headshot of Warren Satchell Warren Satchell (B.A.00/A)
  Keisha Sowers (B.A.99/A)
Headshot of Maresa  Maresa Spangler (B.S.86/MC)
Headshot of Joseph Stemmle  Joseph R. Stemmle (B.S.13/B)
Headshot of Aaron Varella Aaron Varella (B.S.19/B)
  Dan Walsh (M.B.A.02/B)
Photo of Faith Wilkerson  Faith Wilkerson, Ed.D. (B.S.03/MC; M.Ed.05/E; Ed.D.15/E)
Headshot of Amy Yarcich  Amy Yarcich (M.P.A.04/GPA)