Map of Richmond, Virginia, with a VCU flag marking the city


VCU Alumni is embarking on its first international tour, and the excitement starts Jan. 9 in Richmond, Virginia.

The tour puts our new strategic plan, ELEVATE (Expanding Leadership, Enrichment and Volunteerism for Alumni Through Engagement), in motion and brings new opportunities and programming to elevate your alumni experience.

Over the course of two weeks, Jan. 9-19, Richmond-area alumni can select from a schedule packed with cultural excursions, family-friendly outings, industry networking sessions and memorable social events that give you the chance to engage with other alumni and with VCU's outstanding faculty and university leaders. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to experience your home city like never before.

Richmond ELEVATE Tour: Jan. 9-19

Wednesday, Jan. 9

Thursday, Jan. 10

Friday, Jan. 11

Saturday, Jan. 12

Sunday, Jan. 13

Monday, Jan. 14

Tuesday, Jan. 15

Wednesday, Jan. 16

Thursday, Jan. 17

Friday, Jan. 18

Saturday, Jan. 19

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