Alumni tours

VCU Alumni proudly offers international trips through partnerships with Alumni Holidays International, Thomas P. Gohagan & Company and GoNext Travel to provide high-quality, specially selected trips for our alumni. Each trip offers first-class accommodations, experienced tour guides, a pay-one-price that includes most typical expenses including gratuities and the opportunity to select free time for exploration away from the group.

North America


April 7-15 Southern Grandeur
July 24-Aug. 2 Majestic Great Lakes
Sept. 10-19 North Atlantic Quest
Sept. 15-25 St. Lawrence Seaway and Canadian Maritimes


South America


Feb. 12-20 Wonders of the Galapagos Islands




May 7-18 Valor of Normandy
June 7-17 The Great Journey Through Europe
June 21-July 1 Arctic Expedition Under the Midnight Sun 
June 26-July 5 Gaelic Glory
July 1-9 Scotland-Edinburgh
Aug. 10-18 Normandy ~ Honfleur: 75th Anniversary of D-Day
Aug. 21-29 Swiss Alps 
Sept. 1-12 Inspiring Italy 
Sept. 15-23 Odyssey of Ancient Civilizations 
Oct. 8-16 Italy's Magnificent Lake District




April 13-27 Japan Cruise ~ An Intimate Look




March 20-31 Tanzania During the Great Migration


More destinations


Jan. 21-31 Sparkling South Pacific 
June 21-July 1 Arctic Expedition