Young alumni travel

VCU Alumni has partnered with AESU Alumni World Travel for our young alumni travel program, which offers you the opportunity to travel together with peers in a similar age range, background and experiences. These programs provide social, cultural and recreational activities at a great value for alumni aged 22-35, operated by a travel company with over 40 years of experience.

If you have any questions about our young alumni travel program, please email AESU Alumni World Travel or call (800) 638-7640.

Four graduates jumping in the air in the sand dunes of Dubai.

Destination Dubai: Desert Safaris Skyscrapers & Luxury Retreats

April 27-May 3, 2019

A photo of a frozen waterfall in Iceland 

Iceland Expedition: Land of Fire & Ice

June 13-16, 2019

An aerial photo of a vineyard in Portugal. 

Portugal Adventure: Go explore!

July 14-21, 2019

A beach with kayaks parked on the sand. 

Costa Rica Eco Explorer: Nature, Jungle & Beach Escape

Aug. 14-18, 2019 

Shot of a cobblestone street and vibrantly colored stores in Ireland 

Hops, Grains & Slainte: An Irish Journey of Taste, Knowledge & Adventure

Sept. 9-15, 2019 

Image of a large rock behind a seaside cape, with tourists walking in the foreground. 

Captivating Croatia: The Gates of King's Landing

Oct. 7-13, 2019 

An overhead photo of a snowy street in Austria. 

New Year's Eve on Cloud 9: An Alpine Celebration

Dec. 29, 2019-Jan. 2, 2020