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Find the answers to the crossword puzzle in the spring 2014 magazines.

Shafer Court Connections

  • Common threads
    Tracing 175 years of history reveals the intimate connection Virginia Commonwealth University and its founding institutions have always felt with the city of Richmond, Va.
  • Breaking ground
    The Egyptian Building and the McGlothlin Medical Education Center have helped shape the School of Medicine, and vice versa.
  • Named for whom?
    The names on VCU’s buildings are more than mere labels on a map; they are tributes to the alumni, faculty and staff who have shaped the university.
  • 500 new ideas for business ventures
    VCU is a landmark for innovation, and a new program, VCU Squared, bolsters its ideas into a job-creation engine.

Crossword puzzle answers

Looking for the answer to the crossword in the spring 2014 issue? Here it is. No cheating!