The Mocktail Party

Check back for details on the 2021 AAAC Mentoring Circle Mocktail Party.

Two men talking at a mocktail partyAnnually, the AAAC Mentoring Circle hosts a training program designed to teach students the art of networking. The “mocktail party” is a simulated networking event held during the VCU AAAC Reunion Weekend that places African American VCU students and alumni in a networking environment. Students receive pre-event instructions to dress for success and to bring business cards.

The facilitators create a relaxed environment for the student participants to feel comfortable socializing with professionals from multiple disciplines. These networking sessions enable the students to put into action the key skills of:

The attentiveness and interest level of the students throughout the two 20-minute networking sessions are discussed in hopes of improving responses and increasing confidence among students in presenting themselves verbally and nonverbally.

A woman speking to a large group of studentsThe goal is to increase students’ engagement in appropriate conversation on a business level as measured by the adult participants who rate the students’ progress in the second session compared to the first session. 

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