Recent Graduate Council

The VCU Office of Alumni Relations is pleased to announce the members of the 2019-21 Recent Graduate Council. These members represent some of the best and brightest alumni who have graduated within the past 10 years. As part of the council, they help develop and implement engagement strategies to help their peers connect with one another, and the university, in new and exciting ways.


Marilynn Abraham (Cert.’15/HP)

Ricardo Adams (B.A.’14/H&S)

Daniel Brisker (B.S.’09/H&S)

Ebony Campbell (M.S.’14/B)

Andrew Coulomb (B.A.’11/H&S)

Javon Davis (B.S.’14/GPA; B.A.’14/GPA; Cert.’15/GPA; M.P.A.’16/GPA)

Wesley Dawson (B.A.’14/H&S)

Summer Griffin (B.A.’16/GPA)

Jewlyus Grigsby (B.S.’17/H&S)

Ryan Hall (M.Ed.’09/E)

Katherine Higgins (B.S.’14/H&S)

Britney Jefferson (B.S.’13/H&S)

Brian Jeffries (B.S.’18/B)

Jediah Jones (M.S.’11/H&S)

Stephanie Joyner (B.S.’13/H&S)

Bruce MacConnell (B.S.’18/H&S)

Chase Peak (B.M.’11/A)

Timothy Pierce, Pharm.D. (B.I.S.’11/H&S; Pharm.D.’15/P)

Saher Randhawa (B.S.’14/H&S)

Rachel Rodney (B.S.’11/B)

Emily Schindler (B.A.’10/A)

Trevon Straughter (B.S.’16/H&S)

Vikhyath Veeramachaneni (B.A.’14/H&S)

Ashley Williams (B.S.’16/H&S)

Debrielle Williams (B.S.’13/H&S)

Jennifer Winnagle (B.S.’06/B; M.S.’08/E)