Student Alumni Council Board of Directors

The board of directors is a group of eight students that executes and carries out the mission of the Student Alumni Council. The board runs all initiatives and events for the organization. Board members chair committees of Leadership Council members. The board provides guidance for the organization and promotes the organization's goals of providing alumni networking, building life-long spirit and passion for VCU and cultivating student philanthropy. 

2023 board members


Angela Chen
Major: Nursing

Photo of Regine Mujangi 

Regine Mujangi
Director of marketing and communications
Major: Psychology


Catherine Ruiz-Romero
Director of spirit and traditions
Major: Biology

Photo of Kara Kongprasert

Kara Kongprasert
Director of awards and recognition
Major: Psychology

Kayla Amoah
Director of philanthropy
Major: Mass communications

Liz Granger
Director of alumni relations and networking
Major: Fashion merchandising

Naomi Acevedo
Director of spirit and traditions