Video credits

You'll be happy to know…

This video was created by talented and devoted members of the VCU community, including alumni, students, faculty and staff.

No tax dollars were used in the pre- or post-production of this video. Hopefully, you recognize some faces and locations and have fond memories of your past or present time at VCU.




Gerard Barwell

Michael Andrews (M.S.'05/E)

Coach Dave Giffard

Zach Brown

Doug Burford (B.S.'65/H&S)

Robert Downs, M.D.

Madeline Bryan

Michael Hughes (B.A.'03/H&S)

President Michael Rao, Ph.D

Gregory Donnelly

Melanie Irvin (B.S.'96/MC)

Scott Sherman

Nicole Duda

Brian McDaniel (B.S.'10/B)

Provost Beverly Warren, Ph.D

Nomin Enkhbold

Alex Moore (M.S.'09/E)


Alex Fulton

Kendall Payne


Kristine Hadeed (production assistant)

Bryce Spivey


Sean Harrington

Ike Tucker (M.Ed'06/E)


Kelly Hart

Antonia Vassar (B.S.'05/A)


Jalisa House (production assistant)

Jesse Vaughan (B.S.'80/MC)


Justin Hugue (production assistant)

Latonya Whitaker (B.S.'05/H&S)


Courtney Hurt


Ramzy Ismail


Jesse Jordan


Michael Joyce


Harlee Kocen


Christy Maresco


Yoram Mwila


Joe Obermuella


Ayesha Philogene


Janet Sung


Maritza Vasquez


Owen Weeks


Jay Yalung (photographer)