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In memoriam

Deceased Black alumni and friends from January 2020-April 2022 are listed below. Please note, alumni deaths are recorded as we are notified. Survivors and friends of deceased alumni can help by sending a link to the online obituary to alumni@vcu.edu.

Frank Afriyie (B.S.’14/GPA)
Joseph A. Arrington (B.I.S.’02/H&S)
Velma J. Ballard, Ph.D. (Ph.D.’02/GPA)
Joyce W. Bowers (M.Ed.’81/E)
Terry F. Brown (B.S.’91/B)
Terrie D. Burgan
James A. Carey (M.Ed.’79/E)
Christopher Cheeks (B.G.S.’90/H&S)
Marcus Clark
Tony E. Colden (B.F.A.’08/A)
Jackie L. Deshazo (B.S.’08/GPA)
Rudolph E. Ford (B.S.’80/H&S)
Cynthia Mobley Garner (B.S.’81/E)
Mildred L. Gresham
William E. Harris (M.A.E.’86/A)
Rodney A. Harry (B.S.’90/GPA)
Adrienne V. Hymes (B.G.S.’93/H&S)
Anthony L. Jones (M.Ed.’20/E)
John T. Lanier (B.S.’75/B)
Poneice L. Lee (B.S.’84/H&S)
John R.F. Lewis (B.S.’08/H&S)
Ena A. Logan (M.Ed.18/E)
Brenda M. Macklin (M.P.A.’81/GPA)
Betty Marsh (B.F.A.88/A)
James T. McBee (M.Ed.’96/E)
Edwin L. McBeth (B.S.91/H&S)
Linwood T. Miles (B.S.88/B)
Murial Tucker Parham (B.S.’82/E)
Mary D. Parker (A.S.’81/B)
Thomas W. Point, Ph.D. (M.P.A.’92/GPA; Ph.D.’12/GPA)
Neal O. Reid (B.S.’89/H&S)
Regina R. Randolph (B.F.A.02/A)
Shelley A. Russell (B.F.A.’79/A)
Nikia Y. Shaw (B.S.07/B)
Stefan Shorts (B.S.92/H&S)
Stephanie S. Simmons (B.S.’81/H&S)
Marian T. Sosa (B.F.A.’85/A)
Rick B. Stroman (M.S.W.’06/SW)
Marvette Craighead Tate (B.S.’81/B)
James A. Watson (B.G.S.’91/H&S)
Carlene Brumbrey Wooden (M.Ed.’76/E)