Communications and Marketing


Communication is key in getting fellow alumni to attend your programs. Proactively plan your communications and diversify the channels to reach the broadest audience possible.

Below are a few suggestions along with guidelines and policies.

BenefitLevels 1, 2, 3Network
Gmail account Yes No
Emails to segmented audiences Varies based on type of event and marketing
Facebook Yes No
Instagram Yes No
Events posted on VCU Alumni online calendar Yes


Constituent organization marks and logos

The VCU brand standards guide ( ensures that the university and VCU Health identities are always represented in a consistent manner that continues to build local, national and international recognition, providing VCU with a visual signature for all forms of communication. The guide provides instructions for the proper use of VCU graphic elements in print pieces and on the web. Constituent organization brand marks consist of the VCU brand mark and the constituent organization name.

Social media

All VCU Alumni-owned social media accounts must be registered and authorized by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations before creation.

Social media sites offer opportunities to engage individuals, institutions and organizations through an interactive process that has the potential to foster recognition, enhance creativity, build stronger relationships and contribute to the success of VCU by sharing information and dialogue. Content posted to social media sites is public and therefore has associated risks and responsibilities.

Use of VCU-affiliated social media accounts are subject to the VCU Code of Conduct as well as university regulations, policies and procedures and local, state and federal laws.


VCU Alumni provides constituent organizations with a Facebook page and/or Instagram account (based on organization level) so that chapter volunteers can communicate events and create a network with their fellow alumni.

These pages include:

Guidelines for usage

DAR staff routinely monitor social media pages to determine if content is consistent with university policies and standards. Constituent organizations will be made aware of any changes to policy that affect the way posts should be made.

All constituent organization accounts and their page administrators are expected to be familiar with the VCU Social Media Guidelines for Usage.


Before posting to your social media channel, consider the content in the photograph/video (including your caption).

University accounts are prohibited from posting content that:

DAR reserves the right to archive any content that is deemed inappropriate.

If you would like messaging, events, etc., to be shared on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, contact your staff liaison to have the information disseminated through the main VCU Alumni social media accounts.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

As a public university, content on VCU-owned social media accounts is considered public information. This includes all content made to accounts by page editors and posts by visitors. As such, the information must remain available in case it is needed in legal proceedings.

Posts can be edited in a timely fashion for grammatical errors or incorrect content, such as the wrong date/time on a flyer or using the wrong image, as long as the content hasn’t been changed dramatically and the edits are done in a timely manner.

Third-party comments

VCU respects First Amendment rights of individuals, and user comments should not be removed.

There may be limited cases for removal of a user comment, including threats, harassment or personal information trolling. Upon discovery of any content from a third party that you deem to be of question, report it quickly to your staff liaison who will provide further instruction.


VCU is committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment that ensures equal access to education and related services to everyone affiliated with the VCU community. The university is continually making efforts to reduce barriers to access for individuals with disabilities and this includes university information shared on VCU-owned social media sites.

By managing a social media account, you are acting as an agent of the university and are advised to follow VCU’s accessibility guidelines.

At minimum, social media accounts must follow these accessibility guidelines:

Contact your staff liaison for VCU’s social media accessibility training or if you have questions about accessibility guidelines.

DAR staff will conduct periodic content audits to determine whether content posted on your accounts is in violation of any accessibility rules and will contact your staff liaison if changes need to be made.


All emails with alumni must be coordinated with the Office of Alumni Relations and executed using DAR systems. This does not include emails to your leadership group about planning events and meetings. When planning an event, DAR staff will review the event goals and determine if email is a recommended marketing channel

Additional communications channels

VCU Link

VCU Link is the online community for connecting students, alumni and friends of the university for career advice, industry contacts and meaningful professional relationships. The platform is a great place to share information about your constituent organization to engage alumni or soon-to-be alumni moving to your region or who share an affinity for your group.


All committee leader positions are posted on VolunteerVCU and chapter events and volunteer opportunities can also be shared on the platform.


Rambassadors is the digital volunteer program where alumni earn rewards just for spending a few minutes each month spreading the word about upcoming events and initiatives.

Volunteer alumni volunteer leaders Facebook page

This private group serves as a collaborative environment for constituent organization leaders where they can ask questions, share initiatives and celebrate success.

Constituent organization quarterly newsletter

Share information about your organization with other volunteer leaders and receive updates from VCU staff.