Insurance benefits

VCU Alumni has partnered with several providers to provide discounts on a variety of insurance products.

Geico alumni discount

Auto insurance

In business for more than 75 years, Geico gives you the benefit of great rates on high-quality auto insurance. You could be eligible for a special membership discount on Geico auto insurance. Visit or call (800) 368-2734.

Alumni Insurance Program

Health and life insurance

Get the insurance coverage you need, whether you've just graduated, are established with a family and career or are getting ready to enjoy a well-earned retirement.

Renewable Major Medical

Shop health insurance plans through a private medical insurance exchange.

Long-term care insurance

Plan for your future with insurance to cover potential long-term care expenses.

An octagon of blue gradient with a padlock in the middle and TechProtect underneath it 

Tech protection

Receive an exclusive low monthly rate and discounts from our partner TechProtect to cover the most-used electronic devices in your house from accidental damage. Covered devices include cellphones, tablets, gaming consoles, computers, laptops, TVs, monitors and printers.