Insurance benefits

VCU Alumni has partnered with several providers to provide discounts on a variety of insurance products.

Geico alumni discount

Auto insurance

In business for more than 75 years, Geico gives you the benefit of great rates on high-quality auto insurance. You could be eligible for a special membership discount on Geico auto insurance. Visit or call (800) 368-2734.

Alumni Insurance Program

Health and life insurance

Get the insurance coverage you need, whether you've just graduated, are established with a family and career or are getting ready to enjoy a well-earned retirement.

Renewable Major Medical

Shop health insurance plans through a private medical insurance exchange.

Long-term care insurance

Plan for your future with insurance to cover potential long-term care expenses.

Travel insurance  logo - square

Travel insurance

Whether your next trip will take you across the state or across the globe, travel with the protection of Travel Insurance Select. With three plan levels, there are options for different needs and budgets.