Recent Graduate Council in gold against a blue background

The Recent Graduate Council is two-year volunteer commitment on an advisory board, open to anyone who has graduated from VCU in the past 10 years. Applications for council openings are accepted each spring. Members represent some of the best and brightest alumni of the past decade, and they help develop and implement engagement strategies to help their peers connect with one another, and the university, in new and exciting ways.

Would you like to serve on the council? Applications are due April 30, and selections will be announced by May 29. Apply today. 

For questions, contact Allison Toney, associate director of outreach and engagement – student and recent graduate programs, at

Council members 

2020 class
Headshot of Lamees Abourahma  Headshot of Lauren Brocious 
Lamees Abourahma

Lauren Brocious

Photo of Lester Brown    
Lester Brown
  Robert Chisley
Headshot of Shakeema Daniels  
Shakeema Daniels
  Heather Dickerson (B.S.’16/N)
Headshot of Tanya Diggs- Fountain    Photo of Helga Gonda
Tanya Diggs-Fountain
  Helga Gonda
Headshot of Renee Harris    Headshot of Miea Hicks 
Renee Harris
(B.S.’13/GPA; M.S.’19/GPA)
  Miea Hicks
(B.A.’17/H&S; B.S.’17/B)
Headshot of Deja Howard     
Deja Howard
  Jonathan Mathes
(B.S.’13/B; M.B.A.’19/B)
Headshot of Tiera Morgan    Headshot of Christopher McIntosh 
Tiera Mcguire
  Christopher McIntosh (M.A.’14/GPA) 
Headshot of Ben Plache    Headshot of Hayley Pottle 
Ben Plache
(B.A.’11/H&S; M.A.’13/H&S)
  Hayley Pottle
Headshot of Yann Reichelt    Headshot of Alexander Sausen 
Yann Reichelt
  Alexander Sausen
Headshot of Melissa Stamp    Headshot of Maribel Street-McMutt 
Melissa Stamp
(B.S.’18/MC; Cert.’18/DVC)
  Maribel Street-McMutt
(M.S.’15/GPA; Cert.’15/GPA)
Headshot of Emily Todd     
Emily Todd
  Christina Tulloch
Headshot of Aaron Varella    Headshot of Rachel Walstead 
Aaron Varella
  Rachel Walstead, Ph.D. (B.S.’14/LS)
Headshot of Sara Yaseen    
Sara Yaseen
2019 class
Marilynn Abraham

Ricardo Adams

2019 Recent Grad Council member Brisker    Headshot of member Campbell 
Daniel Brisker
  Ebony Campbell
2019 Recent Grad Council member Coloumb    Head shot of RGC member Davis 
Andrew Coulomb
  Javon Davis
Wesley Dawson
  Summer Griffin
Jewlyus Grigsby
  Katherine Higgins
2019 Recent Grad Council member Jefferson    Head shot of RGC member Jeffries 
Britney Jefferson
  Brian Jeffries
Head shot of RGC member Jones    Head shot of RGC member Joyner 
Jediah Jones
  Stephanie Joyner
Headshot of member Peak    Head shot of RGC member Pierce 
Chase Peak
  Timothy Pierce, Pharm.D.
Head shot of RGC member Randhawa     
Saher Randhawa
  Rachel Rodney
Head shot of RGC member Schindler    Head shot of RGC member Straughter 
Emily Schindler
  Trevon Straughter
    Headshot of Ashley Williams 
Vikhyath Veeramachaneni
  Ashley Williams
Head shot of RGC member Williams     
Debrielle Williams
  Jennifer Winnagle
(B.S.’06/B; M.S.’08/E)