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STAT Board of Directors

The board of directors is a group of eight students that exists to see that the mission of STAT is carried out. The board runs all initiatives and events for the organization. Board members chair committees of Leadership Council members. The board provides guidance for the organization and promotes the organization's goals of providing alumni networking and engagement as well as building life-long spirit and passion for VCU. Board members have the opportunity to attend regional and national conferences. 

Members must:

Board members meet biweekly as a team and one-on-one with the STAT adviser, which is mandatory for membership.

2017-18 board members 

 Alexis Gilmore

Alexis Gilmore
Expected graduation: 2019


Austin Stewart
Vice President
Expected graduation: 


Karen Ordonez
Director of Spirit and Traditions
Major: Political science
Expected graduation: 2021


Deema Khalefa
Director of Marketing and Communications
Major: Business foundations 
Expected graduation: 2019


Tiffani Boone
Director of Recruitment and Events
Major: Biology
Expected graduation: 2019

 Emily Tull

Emily Tull
Director of Networking and Alumni Relations
Major: Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science
Expected graduation: 2018

Alexis Taylor

Alexis Taylor
Director of Philanthropy
Major: Nursing
Expected graduation:2019


Lauren Brocious
Director of Awards and Recognition
Major: International marketing and communications
Expected graduation: 2020