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School of Nursing awards

Outstanding Nurse Alumnus Award

The Outstanding Nurse Alumnus Award was initiated in 1970 to honor outstanding contributions of graduates of the School of Nursing. This award is presented in recognition of a successful nursing career. The recipient is recognized as a leader and expert who has contributed to health-related and other groups and has impacted the nursing profession with creativity and innovation.

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2017: Deborah J. Jones, Ph.D. (M.S.'02/N; Ph.D.'07/N)
2016: Tracy Williams, D.N.P. (M.S.'88/N)
2015: Shelly Buck (B.S.'96/N) 
2014: Margaret G. Lewis (B.S.'88/N)
2013: Lisa Bresenoff-Feierstein (B.S.'78/N)
2012: Leslie G. Wyatt (B.S.'72/N; M.S.'76/N)
2011: Terri A. Gaffney (B.S.'81/N)
2010: Janet Younger (B.S.'67/N; M.S.'72/N)
2009: Cindy Munro, Ph.D. (Ph.D.'92/N; Cert.'97/N)
2008: Jennifer Hopkins Matthews (B.S.'74/N; M.S.'76/N)
2007: Francine Barr (M.S.'82/N)
2006: Patti Rager (B.S.'71/N; M.S.'78/N)
2005: Shirley L. Jones, Ph.D. (Ph.D.'97/N)
2004: Ellis Quinn Youngkin (Cert.'78/N)
2003: Barbara Reyna, Ph.D. (M.S.'94/N; Ph.D.'10/N)
2002: Pauline R. Jones-Tate (Dipl.'50/N)
2001: Gloria G. Hildebrand (B.S.'60/N)
2000: Barbara Kay Overton (M.S.'88/N)
1999: Judith B. Collins (Cert.'75/N)
1998: Frances W. McNew (B.S.'52/N)
1997: Shirley H. Kirby (B.S.'58/N; M.S.'78/N)
1996: Not awarded
1995: Mary Jo Kahn (B.S.'71/N; M.S.'74/N)
1994: Mary Lou Hanson Moore (B.S.'55/N)
1993: Corinne F. Dorsey (Dipl.'54/N; B.S.'65/N)
1992: Betsy A. Bampton (B.S.'60/N; Cert.'80/N)
1991: Bernardine A. Clarke (M.S.'75/N)
1990: Shirley Wright Lee (Dipl.'46/N; B.S.'55/N)
1989: Clementine S. Pollok (B.S.'58/N; M.S.'72/N)
1988: Not awarded
1987: Eleanor A. Lynch (Dipl.'44/N)
1986: Virginia G. Wessells (Dipl.'44/N; B.S.'55/N)
1985: Dorothy S. Crowder (B.S.'74/N; M.S.'76/N)
1984: Dorsye E. Russell (B.S.'43/N)
1983: Faye L. Peters (B.S.'52/N)
1982: Barbara H. Dunn, Ph.D. (B.S.'70/N; Ph.D.'84/SW)
1981: Harriette A. Patteson (Cert.'32/N)
1980: Wilsie S. Bishop (B.S.'70/N; M.S.'78/N)
1979: Not awarded
1978: Katherine C. Bobbitt (B.S.'56/N)
1977: L. Frances Gordon (B.S.'43/N)
1976: Janet Hoyleman Locklear (B.S.'56/N)
1975: Not awarded
1974: Jean H. Muncy (Cert.'49/N; B.S.'51/N)
1973: Elizabeth K. Ryan (B.S.'30/N; Cert.'48/N)
1972: Marguerite G. Nicholson (Cert.'34/N)
1971: Not awarded
1970: Anne Franks Mahoney (Cert.'29/N)

Outstanding Nurse Service Award

The Outstanding Nurse Service Award was presented for the first time in 1989. This award honors School of Nursing alumni who have shown outstanding leadership and service to the community, the school, the University or professional or community organizations.

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2017: Linda Dawn Cockram Baxter, Ph.D. (M.S.'92/N; Ph.D.'05/N)
2016: Stephanie Ferguson Ph.D., RN, FAAN (M.S.'87/N)
2015: Susan Lindner (B.S.'04/N)
2014: Mary Jo Ellis Kahn (B.S.'71/N; M.S.'74/N)
2013: Mildred Bailey (Dipl.'52/St.P)
2012: Cynthia M. Fagan (B.S.'97/N; M.S.'99/N)
2011: Carola Bruflat (Cert.'98/N)
2010: Connie Wornom Bush (B.S.'80/N)
2009: Vivian H. Bagby (Dipl.'60/N; B.S.'82/N; M.S.'89/AHP)
2008: Catherine Mooklar Courtney (B.S.'70/N; M.S.'77/N)
2007: Deborah Kirkland (B.S.'91/N)
2006: Nancy Mitchell (B.S.'57/N)
2005: Barbara Woodland Fleming (B.S.'69/N; M.S.'81/N)
2004: June Turnage (B.S.'59/N; M.S.'71/N)
2003: Not awarded
2002: Bell-Jo M. Rodgers (B.S.'60/N)
2001: Patricia B. Bernal (B.S.'80/N; M.S.'91/N) and Cynia A. Katsorelos (B.S.'58/N)
2000: Sandra W. Myers (B.S.'71/N)
1999: Jessica K. Falkos (B.S.'59/N)
1998: Not awarded
1997: Donna D. Gammon (B.S.'90/N)
1996: Not awarded
1995: Sylvia Daley Hines (Dipl.'34/N; B.S.'40/N)
1994: Carolease B. Wallace (Dipl.'41/N)
1993: Thelma P. Walker-Brown (Dipl.'48/N)
1992: Susan Floyd Bennett (B.S.'72/N; Cert.'78/AHP)
1991: Beauty D. Crummette (B.S.'58/N)
1990: Frances W. Kay (B.S.'59/N)
1989: Jean Moye Shepard (B.S.'58/N)

Outstanding Nurse Practice Award

The Outstanding Nurse Practice Award was added in 1992 and honors a School of Nursing graduate who exemplifies an innovative, professional and scholarly approach to his or her practice and contributes to the development of others.

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2017: Anne Walpole (M.S.’87/N)
2016: Trula Minton, RN (B.S.'79/N; M.S.'88/N)
2015: D. Fay Parpart (B.S.'87/N; M.S.'90/N, Cert.'95/N)
2014: Denise A. Young-Lynch (B.S. '89/N)
2013: Patricia Shell Caulkins (B.S.'78/N; M.S.'84/E)
2012: Teresa K. James (B.F.A.'99/A; B.S.'07/N)
2011: Barbara Deller (B.S.'71/N)
2010: Lynn Goodloe (B.S.'86/N; M.S.'01/N; Cert'07/N)
2009: Christi Adams (B.S.'88/N; M.S.'06/N)
2008: Sara Phillippe (B.S.'98/N)
2007: Linda Hancock, Ph.D. (M.S.'85/N; Ph.D.'01/E)
2006: Not awarded
2005: Judith Parker-Falzoi (B.S.'87/N; M.S.'93/N)
2004: Virginia L. Edwards (B.S.'72/N; Cert.'75/N; M.S.'77/N)
2003: Jerry Gradek (M.S.'98/N)
2002: Susan Williams (B.S.'63/N)
2001: Not awarded
2000: Jo Wheeler Robins, Ph.D. (M.S.'91/N; Ph.D.'99/N)
1999: Mary J. Snedegar (B.S.'59/N)
1998: Stephanie Gail Metzger (M.S.'87/N)
1997: Sherry W. Fox, Ph.D. (B.S.'80/N; M.S.'89/N; Ph.D.'02/N)
1996: Katharine K. Spiegel (M.S.'78/N)
1995: Jane Long Mendez-Picon (B.S.'70/N)
1994: Emily C. Bennett (B.S.'72/N; M.S.'76/N)
1993: Gail W. Johnson (B.S.'67/N; M.S.'76/N)
1992: Cathy A. James (M.S.'85/N; Cert.'95/N)

Outstanding Young Alumnus Award

Added in 2017, this award recognizes recent alumni for their outstanding and dedicated service to the School of Nursing, its alumni and students and to the nursing profession.

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2017: Tonjanika Boyd (M.S.’15/N)